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Philip Thomas Vanderford & Jason James Jones run a full-scale boutique style interior design firm. They take a strictly hands-on approach and personally execute every step of the design process. The firm offers complete interior design capabilities from detailed interior construction documents to building custom pieces through their couture studio workroom located in Dallas.


Both having degrees in interior design and much experience in construction and contracting, they are able to dream, execute, & manage a project to fruition with respect to client’s time and budget needs. Their personal attention to detail has allowed them to tackle a multitude of projects including residences in Aspen Colorado, Healdsburg California, Dallas Texas, rural Wyoming, Paris France, British West Indies, & Shanghai China.

They thrive on working with a variety of periods and styles to create spaces that are unique to each client they serve. They enjoy walking with a client through the design process to create spaces that are stylish, functional, timeless, & most of all reflect the ideals and desires of each individual they assist.




"Philip and Jason are AMAZING!!!  Their talent is GOD given. They are incredible to work with in every way. I walk into my home each day and feel BLESSED at how FABULOUS it looks. Talented, professional, hardworking, kind and they both have the biggest hearts I know. Always a pleasure to work with them and each time they brighten my day!!!
They have become family."


 - Liz Miller



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